They were going to sell me.
I couldn’t let that happen. 
I had to escape. 
My only friend agreed to help me. 
She helped me get away.
She changed my appearance. 
She sent me to see the President of the Blackwings Motorcycle Club. 
I needed a new identity, so I could start a new life.
I walked up to the gate.
I was taken inside.
And everything changed.

She appeared out of nowhere. 
Standing at our fence.
Asking to see the President. 
Scared, but determined. 
And beautiful.
I wanted her from the moment I saw her.
When she told us her story, I vowed to protect her.
And then, she was going to be mine.






My life hadn’t been easy. 
At age 11, my parents and two younger siblings were murdered and I went to live with my grandmother. 
At age 18, I broke up with my boyfriend of almost one year because he wasn’t who I thought he was. He further proved that when he put his hands on me. 
Two weeks later, my grandmother died.
I moved to a new town with my last living relative, my older brother, Carbon, to finish my senior year of high school at Croftridge High. 
Then, I met Duke Jackson.
One decision changed my life forever.

My life was in a good place.
My sister was happy and healthy and I had my club.
I couldn’t ask for more, or so I thought.
The night I ran into Reese Walker, I realized I could ask for more.
I wanted more, and it was her.
I almost had her, but I messed up and she walked away.
I was angry and hurt, so I let her go, until the night she came crashing back into my life.
Secrets were exposed and ghosts from the pasts resurfaced, but I refused to let her walk away from me a second time without a fight.



I met the love of my life when I was 17 years old. She was my best friend, my love, my soulmate. Even at such a young age, we had a solid plan for our future. I would join the Marines after graduation. We would get married after my first deployment. When my time with Marines was up, we would start a family. 

But that’s not what happened. I came home to find out she disappeared a few weeks after I left. Pop and Gram had everyone searching for her. Pop even hired some of the best private investigators in the business, but it was as if she vanished into thin air. I never gave up the search. I was bound and determined to find her or find out what happened to her, though I never had much to go on. 

Then, one day, out of the blue, Ember walked into my clubhouse and set off a chain of events that ultimately revealed almost 40 years of secrets. With my club by my side, we began sorting through the mess left behind by one man’s obsessive jealousy. After a year of combing through a maze of underground tunnels and hidden rooms and sorting through boxes and boxes of files, I finally found the name I had been searching for.

Annabelle Burnett. 

Hang on, doll face, I’m on my way.



My mother, father, brother, and sister were murdered. And I found them.
My only living relatives were my grandmother and one little sister, Reese.
Then, my grandmother died, leaving me as the only one responsible for my little sister.
My dad was a member of the Blackwings MC.
I always planned on becoming a brother. I just thought my dad would be there when I patched in.
But he wasn’t, and I was slowly drowning in anger and rage.
My club was behind me and did everything they could to help me.
But nothing was working.
Until the night I met her.

“If you want sexy, hot, alpha bikers who not only love their club but their brotherhood with a loyalty that runs deep through their veins, then look no further than the Blackwings MC. It's got all that and then some. Carbon brings it all to the table in this book when he falls hard for Harper, who just happens to be Duke’s sister. With a past that some people don't come back from, Harper puts one foot in front of the other and tries her hardest to not only pick up the pieces of a shattered childhood but go on in life to help those in need by becoming a counselor to help kids pick up their own shattered lives and help them to fulfill their own dreams. Do yourselves a favor and buy this book. You will not be disappointed. Five flaming gold stars from me.” – Slam Dunk’s Luscious Reads






I didn’t do relationships.

Because I had been burned.

I didn’t do repeats.

Because I was burned, again.

I slipped and allowed a repeat.

And I was burned for a third time.

Then I found her.

Beaten and bruised.

I knew only I could protect her.

And I wanted to.

As a friend.

I wouldn’t fall in love with her.

I couldn’t fall in love with her.

But I did.

And it almost killed her.



I needed a break, so I took off to my friend’s cabin for a few days for some peace and quiet. Instead, I found an injured woman in the woods claiming to be a lost hiker. I immediately knew there was more to her story, and I was right, but the bombshell she dropped was the last thing I expected. 


I wasn’t sure how much more I could take. After losing my mother, my life drastically changed, and I found myself escaping from one bad situation only to land right in the middle of another. I was alone and lost, and it seemed like every person I met tried to take advantage of me. When a sexy, beast of a man appeared out of nowhere and came to my rescue with guns blazing, I didn’t know whether to trust him or run screaming. Ultimately, I ran, but he followed and refused to let me go.



I moved into one of the rental houses owned by the club while my own house was being built. I wasn’t happy about it, but I was too old to move back in with my mother, even for just a few weeks. It was a nice, quiet neighborhood. Until the girl next door moved in and turned my world upside down before I even knew who she was.


I had the worst luck. With three months left on my nursing contract, they sent me to the one place I swore I’d never return—my hometown of Devil Springs. I didn’t have a childhood full of happy memories to return to. I had a drug-addicted mother and an asshole brother. But it was just for three months. What could possibly happen?




I started prospecting for the Blackwings MC to appease my grandfather. He raised me after my parents died, and I’d do anything for him. As it turns out, he was right. Joining the Blackwings MC was the best thing for me. Until it wasn’t. I had a personal obligation to uphold—a promise I made to a woman I’d never met—and my time with the MC was interfering with it. When she disappeared, I was consumed with anger and guilt. Thinking a change of scenery would help, the President sent me to the Devil Springs chapter to start over.


My life changed in the blink of an eye. Suddenly, I was a single parent with two small children. My friends, family, and community all came together to help me during the darkest time of my life. But, being reminded of what once was every single day was too much for me. I couldn’t move forward when I was surrounded by the past. So, I packed up my family and moved us to a new town. Things were going okay for us, until I discovered my past followed me.



At this stage in my life, I want nothing more than to settle down. I want an Old Lady and I want to start a family. Too bad my gut is telling me the woman I want more than anything is trouble looking for a place to happen. Tatum is my match in every way. She's intelligent, sassy, and isn't afraid to stand toe-to-toe with me. And she’s sexy as sin. Half the time I don't know if I'm infuriated with her or just that turned on. But Tatum has secrets. And I'll be damned if harm will come to my club because of her. Lies and secrets took my mother, but I won't let them take my current family. But none of that stops me from wanting Tatum so bad it hurts.


Part of my job is keeping secrets. That’s nothing new for me and my sister. My career and her lack of luck in love puts us smack dab in the middle of a major kidnapping case—leaving the authorities no choice but to relocate us. With new identities in place, we end up in Devil Springs, right next door to a business owned by the local bikers—the Blackwings MC. As much as we need to ignore these men, circumstances beyond our control force us into their orbit, and then into their world. As if that wasn’t enough, the club Enforcer, Batta, sparks a fire in me that I wasn’t expecting. Now, I’m forced to continue lying to someone about who I am and what I do, when all I want to do is tell him truth. But my honesty could mean blowing the case and putting my sister's life at risk—not to mention jeopardizing his.

Beached eBook Cover.jpg

Brooke recently broke off her engagement after she discovered some incriminating evidence and caught her fiancé cheating. Her best friend, Kasey, invites her to sail around the Fijian Islands with him and his boyfriend in Kasey's brand new superyacht. She plans to have fun in the sun and put her ex behind her once and for all.

Liam Drake has been after Brooke's fiancé for years, and he believes the breakup is all for show. When Kasey places an ad for a temporary crew member, Liam jumps on the opportunity to go undercover and finally take down Emanuel Chavez.

When things don't go according to plan, Brooke and Liam find themselves stranded on a deserted island and have to work together to survive.

ronan cover4.jpg

Jacquelyn Marks might be wealthy, but even years after her husband’s death, Christmas is still hard.

This year is going to be different though.

When her granddaughter comes to visit, expecting a life-size Tinsel Town with all the holiday miracles, Jacquelyn turns to the only person close enough to make it happen...

Her live-in bodyguard—Ronan Pierce.

Ronan‘s job is to protect Jacquelyn at all costs.

But when she needs him to help set up Tinsel Town, he can’t refuse.

After years of being around her, watching her work so hard to put together a charity event makes him fall harder for her.

When plans fall through and Ronan has to step in and fill some big shoes, he convinces Jacquelyn to be his Mrs. Claus and vows to make her his love for the rest of his life.

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