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Slade King suddenly became the CEO of his family’s ski resort as well as the leader of the King pack. He stepped into the role flawlessly and reigned over King Mountain with ease. Until his wolf leads him to a broken and bruised woman on the brink of death deep in a wooded area of his mountain, where no human should be. With the help of his pack, he takes her back to his cabin and nurses her back to health. But something is amiss, and Slade can sense it.

Caly North wakes up in an unfamiliar bedroom to find a huge, albeit handsome, stranger watching over her and no recollection of the incident that caused her injuries. With no other options, she does the only thing she can and allows him to help her. After Caly recalls being attacked on the side of the road, Slade vows to protect her, and the hunt for her assailant begins. Little did either of them know, they would find much more than a killer. 

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