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Plagiarism, Piracy, and Pricks

I'm going to keep this short and sweet.

I write my own damn books.

At this very moment, my books are only available on Amazon (other than the Anthology). If you get my ebooks from anywhere other than Amazon, YOU ARE STEALING!! Plain and simple. I allow my books to be loaned. Find a legit person to loan it to you!

I cannot even find the words to express how valuable readers are to all authors. The last few plagiarism incidents I've heard of were ALL discovered by a reader. Not plagiarism checkers or algorithms. READERS. Same thing for piracy sites. It's the readers who see the posts in book clubs and reader books asking for links to free sites. And it's the readers who report them. One author's dedicated reader is an invaluable asset to us all.

To my faithful, honest readers, I can't speak for other authors, but if you come across any of my books on a pirate site, feel free to send me the link in a private Facebook message or an email. Please don't post the link on my FB page...we don't want to make it easy for the thieving assholes.

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