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Teagan's February Reads

Since most book lovers are always looking for their next 5 star read, I thought I would share the books I read and loved last month. If the interest is there, I'll do it each month. Feel free to comment with your favorites from February. Wild One – Lynne Leslie

Set Up – TC Matson

Colton's Salvation – Kristine Allen

Mason's Resolution – Kristine Allen

Erik's Absolution – Kristine Allen

Kayde's Temptation – Kristine Allen

Lock and Load – Kristine Allen

Styx and Stones – Kristine Allen

Smoke and Mirrors – Kristine Allen

Angry God – LJ Shen

Crazy Heifer – Lani Lynn Vale

Fries Before Guys – Lani Lynn Vale

Herd That – Lani Lynn Vale

F-Bomb – Lani Lynn Vale

Spartan – Jessica Joy

Phoenix – Audiobook – Teagan Brooks

Laken – Addison Jane

UnScrew Me – Hayley Faiman

UnBreak Me – Hayley Faiman

UnChain Me – Hayley Faiman

UnLeash Me – Hayley Faiman

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